An Interactive 5-Day Training Course

Fundamentals of Marketing

Essential Principles and Best Practices

Fundamentals of Marketing

Course Overview

This GLOMACS Fundamentals of Marketing training course gives the participants an understanding of how to apply the essential principles, concepts, theories, tools, and techniques of marketing in their roles. Whether you are new to marketing or want a refresher on the fundamentals, it provides a clear understanding of the essential principles as well as best practices.

The participants will leave with an understanding of how to think, act, and speak like a marketing professional. They will develop a winning marketing plan and be able to explain, to executives and other team members, how it can create value for customers and the organisation.

This GLOMACS training course will highlight:

  • Identifying and understanding customer needs and demands
  • Choosing which markets to enter
  • Developing products and services that satisfy your target markets
  • Clearly explaining the benefits of your products and services
  • Persuading potential customers to purchase what you sell
  • Proving your efforts have led to improved revenues, profits and market share

Training Objectives

By the end of this GLOMACS training course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the key marketing concepts and how marketing fits within their organisation
  • Apply the marketing mix in their role and team
  • Understand the factors that influence B2B and B2C customer behaviour
  • Share how customers make buying decisions and influence marketing activities
  • Explain pros and cons of the communication tools and choose the most effective for engaging customers

Training Methodology

This GLOMACS Fundamentals of Marketing training course combines presentations that share both theory and industry best practices with practical sessions in accordance with adult learning and blended learner-centered principles. The participants will have opportunities to put into practice the skills they develop and enhance during the course and make the most of small and whole group exercises, videos, case studies, peer exchange, brainstorming, role plays and discussions and will spend time working one-on-one and in small groups to resolve the challenges participants face.

Organisational Impact

Upon attending this GLOMACS Fundamentals of Marketing training course, the participants will return to their organisations with a broader understanding of how marketing activities support business objectives, including: 

  • Using analysis of the business micro and macro environments to planning marketing activities
  • Using marketing mix strategies to maximise product and service sales volumes, revenues, profits and market share
  • Ensuring business priorities and activities are linked to customer expectations and marketplace realities
  • Developing and manage marketing communication activities that are linked to and support business priorities
  • Being able to explain and win support for marketing activities with their peers in other departments and with senior business leaders

Personal Impact

This GLOMACS training course will help the participants to strengthen their marketing capabilities, including: 

  • Understanding of each of the elements in the marketing control system and how their role and team fit in
  • Increased confidence in managing relationships with customers, suppliers, executives, and colleagues
  • Developing a customer-centric mindset, ensuring the customer's voice is heard and valued during discussions and decision making
  • Developing and delivering effective marketing communication campaigns in-house and with external creative agencies
  • Enhanced verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Applying marketing principles to become more customer and marketplace focused

Who should Attend?

This GLOMACS Fundamentals of Marketing training course is for people working in marketing and public relations who do not have a professional marketing qualification and want to test their capabilities against industry best practices, including managers and practitioners. 

This GLOMACS training course is a suitably wide range of professionals but will significantly benefit: 

  • Media Relations
  • Community Relations
  • VIP Relations & Protocol
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Event Management
  • Investor Relations and Financial PR
  • Employee Internal Communications
  • Corporate and Government Affairs
  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Product Publicity & Sales Promotions

Training Outline

DAY 1: Principles of Marketing 
  • Role and Function of Marketing within Different Organisations
  • Applying the 8 Key Marketing Concepts in Practice
  • Definition of Marketing, Markets, and Marketplace Orientation
  • Understanding the Micro and Macro Marketing Environments Impacting Your Business
  • The 4 Key Marketing Stages
  • Overcoming Communication Barriers in the Marketing Planning Process
DAY 2: Applying the 4P’s of the Marketing Mix 
  • Developing, Testing and Launching New Products and Services
  • Managing Products and Services throughout their Life Cycle
  • Selecting and Managing Marketing Channels
  • Designing Pricing Strategies and Programmes
  • Designing Effective Publicity and Promotion Campaigns
  • Strategies to Achieve Marketing Objectives using the 4P’s
DAY 3: Listening to the Voice of the Customer 
  • Defining the 6 Different Types of Customers
  • Methods for Segmenting Customers and Approaches for Effective Targeting
  • Decision-making Units and Stages in the Buying Process for B2B and B2C Customers
  • Creating and Growing Relationships through a Marketing Funnel and Customer Touchpoints
  • Techniques for Continually Hearing the Customer's Voice
  • Formulas for Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Corrective Actions
DAY 4: Communication and Engagement in Practices 
  • Stages in Developing Effective Customer Communications
  • Developing Clear Messaging and Appeals
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Communication Tools
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Communication Tools
  • Leveraging Social Media Apps to Increase Marketing Effectiveness
  • Scheduling using Production Timescales and Posting Calendars
DAY 5: Essential Personal Skills for Marketing
  • Enhanced Active Listening and Questioning Skills
  • 12 Golden Rules of Writing All Journalists Learn
  • Relationship Building Rapport, Trust and Credibility
  • Dealing with Distractions and Managing Time
  • Public Speaking: Expressing Ideas Clearly, Confidently and with Impact
  • Developing and Sustaining Relationships with Suppliers
  • On successful completion of this training course, GLOMACS Certificate will be awarded to the delegates
  • Continuing Professional Education credits (CPE) : In accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE Sponsor, one CPE credit is granted per 50 minutes of attendance

GLOMACS is registered with NASBA as a sponsor of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. NASBA have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website:

All Training Seminars delivered by GLOMACS by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

Providers and Associations

Oxford Management Centre
Oxford Management Centre

A GLOMACS - Oxford Management Centre collaboration aimed at providing the best training services and benefits to our valued clients.


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Venue: Dubai - UAE
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Date: 21-25 Apr 2025
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Venue: London - UK
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Venue: Dubai - UAE
Fee: US $5,950
Date: 29 Dec 2026-02 Jan 2027
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